Waterfall Rainbow Bookmark

You will need, a ruler, 8 sheets of thick paper – the seven colours of the rainbow and a white piece (or colour in white paper if coloured sheets are not available), scissors, pens and pencils and glue.
The paper used here was originally 12” by 12”. A strip was cut 1 ½ “ wide by 12 “ long. Cut a thin strip ¼ “ wide by 6 “ long. Then cut out a square from the white paper and from all 7 colours 1 ½ “ by 1 ½ “ as shown.
Take your white square and draw a cloud and rain drops. We used a pen to outline the cloud and then pencils to colour in as shown above.
Next take your long strip of paper and place the purple square at the end; mark a line to show the height of the square.
Then draw a further seven lines ¼ “ or 1 cm apart.
Next you need to lightly score each pencil line. You may find it easier to bend the paper around the ruler to form the crease on each of the lines to make the score mark.
Next glue each square by the top edge only; to the ¼ gap you have created as shown above.
After the cloud square has been glued on, fold the remaining card behind the rainbow squares. This will give you the length for your bookmark. Next you need to take your thin strip of paper which will form your guide strip and fold it around your bookmark. This will keep the sections together.
You will need to attach the guide strip with glue to the front section of the card under your purple square as shown in the previous picture. Don’t make this to tight or the card will not allow the piece to move
Once the glue is dried you should be able to move the guide strip up towards the top of your book mark; this creates the waterfall effect as each segment moves.

As each segment moves up a hidden space on your bookmark will appear. You can add your own message here.

We would love to see some of your finished projects.
There are so many different options you could try!!

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