Vamos Theatre Project

We are really excited and proud to be working with this talented and empathetic company.

Vamos Theatre have been commissioned by Regional Foster Families to provide a unique training and engagement project across the whole company.

This will take the form of joint training workshops for all foster carers, staff, panel members and other invited professionals in each region called “Listening with your Eyes” which focuses on non-verbal communication.

Alongside this, each region will have a series of 2-day mask making residencies for foster children and birth children aged over 8. The purpose of these is to provide a creative means of engaging their views and building a participative dialogue about their experiences and how, as a company, we can improve our service and support them better.

We really want to try and do things differently and creatively and we believe collaborating with Vamos is a fantastic opportunity to achieve this.

Here’s what Vamos Theatre say about themselves…

“Vamos Theatre is the UK’s leading full mask theatre company, taking its funny and fearless brand of wordless theatre the length and breadth of the country and internationally. We believe that full mask theatre taps directly into the power of empathy and encourages awareness of our shared human experiences in an increasingly isolating world. Through partnerships, we tell socially relevant stories, collaborating with a variety of contributors from all walks of life in the creation of engaging and entertaining live theatre that gives a voice to those who are often without one. By promoting the transformative potential of full mask theatre across the globe, and educating and campaigning on the importance of empathetic communication, we aim to change the way people see the world.”

You can find out more about Vamos Theatre on their website

The training workshops “Listening With Your Eyes”

“Listening with your Eyes helps develop skills of empathy, insight, listening and trust- building, particularly in the arena of Health and Care.

Listening with your Eyes explores practically the many ways in which we make connections, with the emphasis on the non-verbal. It looks at the impact of body language, mood, eye-contact, touch, and gesture, and shows how tone of voice can change the meaning of the words we say. The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to see the powerful effect of non-verbal techniques, and their benefit in helping us make real and honest connections.” (Vamos Theatre)

Mask Residencies for foster children and birth children 8 years and over

The two-day Mask Residencies are days of creativity and fun where each young person gets to make their own mask.

Supported by Vamos Theatre mask making professionals and Regional Foster Families staff they will be closely guided through the stages of making their own mask, from deciding the character, molding the face, ‘pulling’ the mask, painting it, and (most importantly) wearing their personal creation.

Day 1 focuses on making the mask and the creative process. Day 2 is spent decorating the mask followed by a drama workshop. It is hoped that wearing and using their masks in the drama workshops will provide the young people with a means of sharing some of their feelings about their life now and how they can be helped to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future.

Each young person will get to keep their masks. Special arrangements are made for children with additional needs to have personal one to one session to make their masks.


The project is being co-ordinated by Jess, the Compliance and Safeguarding Manager, who will ensure the following:

Throughout the duration of the project there will be feedback opportunities for all involved on both an individual and group basis.

The workshops and mask residencies will be documented through photographs and video and verbal and written feedback.

The hopes and dreams of the young people expressed will be formulated into an action plan which will be used to improve both individual young people’s lives and the fostering service as a whole.

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