The Story Behind the Name

Changing the language

The use of language is incredibly important, especially to children and young people in care. A word can make a child feel empowered or invisible.

Terms such as “looked after child (LAC)” or referring to children as “Placements” has negative cogitations. The term “placement” can sometimes be used to refer to actual children rather than the foster home.

We were moved to do something about this when we saw this BBC news article, describing how a group of young of who have experience of the care system are on a mission to change some of the language used to talk about them by developing a dictionary of new words to replace what they say can be ‘cold and distant’ language used by everyone from social workers to civil servants.

Our new name…

Until 31/10/2019 we were known as “Regional Foster Placements”, from 01/11/19 we have become Regional Foster Families.

To mark the change, celebration events took place in our regions with foster parents and their families and staff all coming together to marking the occasion.

Our new look…

As part of the name change, it was a natural step to update our look to a more modern and vibrant image. We wanted to keep our beloved three elephant mascots (The Bumpies), but we wanted to give them a lift and some personality with a story to share.

We asked the children and young people from our fostering families to give the elephants characters by running a competition. The competition was judged by the team at Skeleton who helped us bring our new image to fruition.

Here is the result…

Meet the Elephants


Nellie – Brought to life by: Nicol

Nellie is a grown up elephant who used to live in a foster home for elephants when she was little. She was often sad and lonely and on her own with no one to play with so now all grown up her special skill is to befriend other little elephants and help them find their smile.


Mellow – Brought to life by Samuel

Mellow is happy and relaxed being cared for. Mellow likes to sleep, splash water and roll around. Mellow has a special skill which is reaching deep into the water with his long trunk to get a drink. Mellow’s mum was too poorly to care for Mellow so a new elephant had to give Mellow love and care.


Freddie – Brought to life by John

Sadly Freddie’s ‘s parents weren’t able to look after him and Roger was asked if he could care for him instead until he is an adult and able to look after himself.  He loves to play football and tease his foster sister, Frances.  Freddie is full of mischief and despite being Autistic, he’s very good at Maths and loves to do sums, although he does have difficulty reading.  He’s very caring and will help anyone.


Competition winners received an amazing price of a Nintendo Switch with LABO pack there were also runner up prizes and gifts for taking part.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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