Kids Craft Rainbow Storage box

Build your own Rainbox Storagebox

You will need:

For this project you will need:
• Coloured paper: we used origami 6 “squares (80-gram paper)
• Scissors
• PVA glue
• A glue stick
• Carboard box with top flaps removed
• A bamboo skewer
• A4 paper (to line your box and make the 4 larger paper straws)
• Bulldog clips

Follow these steps:

Take one of your pieces of 6” square paper and place the bamboo skewer in one corner as shown; then carefully roll from one corner to the other. You will need to roll the paper tightly to form the paper straw shape.

When you are nearly done rolling the paper straw, apply the glue stick to the last triangle to fasten the paper.

Once the paper straw is glued remove the bamboo skewer and allow to dry. Continue making enough paper straws to cover the outer edges of your box.

While your paper straws are drying, line your box using the A4 paper.

Apply PVA glue to one side of your box. While the glue is still wet, add the paper straws. To make the rainbow pattern; we used three of each colour.

Continue adding the paper straws; repeating the pattern until the side of your box is covered. Allow the glue to completely dry.

Next you will need to carefully trim the excess paper straws from the top edge of your box using scissors.

Repeat the last step, so the paper straws are trimmed from the top and bottom edge of your box. Then repeat the last 4 steps until your box is covered.

Finally make four more paper straws using the A4 paper. When they are dry use PVA glue to attach them to the top edge of your box; use bulldog clips to hold them in place while they dry.

We would love to see your finished projects; you could try using different colours or shades on your box to create your own pattern.

Download the printer friendly instructions here:

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