Instant Family

Review by Gemini

Two parents named Sean Anders and Beth Anders adopted three children. They wanted to create a family and decided that they would adopt, then they realized it went so well and started to think of how they could get the message across to people that fostering and adopting can make a family stronger and change lives of young children, so Sean decided that he would make a comedy movie showing people their experience with adopting. Sean Anders is the writer/director of the movie instant family. When he started talking about making his movie he wanted it to be as much about their story as possible but he also sat down with a bunch of other family’s particularly those who had adopted teenagers to get their story and experience.

I think that the movie Instant Family is a heartwarming and engaging movie that really teaches you that fostering children doesn’t come with an instant happy ending. It gives you the understanding that these children are in need of love and care because they have been through life changing trauma, and that happy endings take hard work, structure, support and patience and most of all to never give up. Also its gives people a better insight of teenagers that they don’t just come with bad news, it just takes a lot of hard work and support to break through the ice. Teenagers have more of an apprehension to the trauma they may have been through which is why it may be harder to support them, but this movie shows that everything comes with time and through the good times and the bad they will soon become a part of your family. This movie taught me a message that you can’t ever change what children have been through but you can change their future. Overall me and my family enjoyed this movie a lot and I recommend it to family’s that foster or are looking to foster or maybe even adopt.

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Thinking of Fostering?

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