Help with Difficult Behaviour and Emotions in children

Don’t let the pressure of parenting get you down. Try these simple tips and tricks, formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts, which are backed by science and proven to work with families.

Home Schooling and High Emotion

I imagine that like us, family life is a little different at present, we have struggled to maintain a level of equilibrium with home schooling and the lockdown restrictions impacting our children not being able to play with friends and essentially learn the social skills so important in assisting them to develop and become who they are.

We had a difficult day yesterday, emotions were high, expectations from school, the lack of social interaction. In addition, I imagine a sense of when is this (Covid) all going to end subconsciously making us a little snappier with one another than usual.

 I say a little more because we can be snappy and emotionally dysregulated at times regardless of lockdown. I will put my hand up and offer that at times I can be grumpy, selfish, cynical with the way the world appears at present and ineffective at heightened times of stress in assisting my children to self-regulate.

As my children grow things change and it can feel at times that I am playing catch up.

But I am human and I accept that I will not get it right all the time despite my job title being Therapeutic Parenting Lead!  I have the faults that can come along with being a human being and being a parent, whilst also recognising I have the potential to do good in this world and can adapt my approach.

Home Schooling and High Emotion


Wisdom is the knowledge that we cannot know everything and that there is always something new to learn. Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate, but can only be acquired through experience. Anyone who is interested in trying new things and reflecting on the process has the ability to gain wisdom. By learning as much as you can, analysing your experiences and putting your knowledge to the test, you and I can become a wiser person.

Help with Difficult Behaviour and Emotions

I spent some time last night researching as I was reflecting on things and came up with a wonderful set of supportive and interactive resources called Help with Difficult Behaviour and Help with Difficult Emotions you can find the link here:

Home Learning - Help with Difficult Behaviour and Emotions

Calm After the Storm

I am glad to be able to report that the calm that comes after the storm is very welcome at home this morning as I write. However, I am without doubt that at some point today we will have some issues, the important thing is that I have reset my expectations and having used the resources outlined have formulated a better understanding of what it might be like for my children.

 I hope, that if you like me, were feeling a little overwhelmed with things that you to can feel better and more positive about life after looking at this great website.

Take good care of yourselves and thank you for immeasurable effort that you make in supporting all the children you care for.

Rich 😊

Therapeutic Parenting Lead at Regional Foster Families

Therapeutic Parenting Lead at Regional Foster Families

I am the fostering agency Therapeutic Parenting Lead (DDP informed) and started my counselling training in 2011 becoming fully qualified in 2016. I have worked for the agency for the last 13 years.

My qualifications in respect of therapy are an advanced diploma in integrative counselling which is accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) whom I remain a registered member with.

I spent three and a half years volunteering at Personal Recovery Services as part of my training, an organisation that specialised in working with historic sexual abuse, working with both adults and teenagers.

I have consequently gone on and trained in Level 1 and 2 of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP).

I have worked in various roles in the social care field specifically with looked after children for the past 20 years. I was a deputy team manager of a specialist (children’s) outreach team dealing with crisis interventions, a deputy residential home manager, an NVQ assessor (up to level 4 management), a trainer in dealing with challenging behaviour, drug awareness and therapeutic parenting.

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