Get This!

Giving Looked after children access to creative arts

Get This is a new project designed to give looked after children and care experienced young people the opportunity to access the creative arts.

Mansfield Palace Theatre, Mansfield Museum, Captivate and Inspire Youth Arts are collaborating to provide better access to the arts for Children and Young people. “Get This” really want input from our care givers and young people to find out what young people are interested in and what they would be keen get involve involved with.

With this insight, they plan to provide opportunities for foster children as well as people with care experience to get involved in the project.

The arts that the project want to explore range from music and dancing to drama and photography. 

Their aim for now is to reach our communities and find out who is interested. They have provided a few videos on the page that showcase the types of arts they could offer.

With the current situation, children may feel disconnected from the arts, so these videos could prove useful in encouraging young people to get involved at home. 

Please take a moment to look up “Get This” on Facebook to get updates or join in with the project:

Vamos Theatre Project

Regional Foster Families recognise to importance and values of enabling and encouraging children and young people to access the creative arts. We have an on running project with the Vamos Theatre, providing workshops for young people as well as involving foster parents and staff.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

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