A peom written by a Foster Carer about the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Since the arrival of COVID-19
Life has slowed,
Life has become smaller, just our immediate household.
Important things like what are we eating,
What are we doing in the here and now have taken precedent.
Life is cooking, planning the next healthy meal, organising who is on our limited laptops, mindful of sites and internet use,
Without its use school learning cannot continue. But something more has emerged, Understanding how to grow your own food, Combining ingredients, making items go further, Recycling and Amazon surfing.
Sharing how to cook cakes and savoury delights. The importance of the 4o’clock snack time
Has become sacred to many,
Cake, biscuit with milkshake or hot chocolate A talisman for time of day,
Marching towards dinner, pudding and then rest.

School work in the morning,
Learning to type, watching Operation Ouch, Horrible Histories
Have become approved educational tools Designed to give parents a moment to reflect. Hurtling around on bikes and scooters,
Whooping and shouting with the freedom and fun of it,
Are things we remind ourselves to be grateful of. MoanaVirus detected in bored, want to go out children
But quickly cured with vaccine of positive attention.
Two swings hung from branches, trees side by side Become as good as confessional chairs,
Fabulous theme park rides,
Or space rockets, horsey rides, limited by imagination only.
Football, cricket, hide and seek are regular afternoon and evening clubs
Tree climbing a new skill, class instructor Dad. Reading recipe methods, instruction manuals for games
The new improved school reading book.

Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom and Teams,
All allow us to see and chat, wave and laugh Where once we would have greeted, hugged Shared a drink, a meal.
How we adapt is amazing
Role play changes to ‘not allowed to the park’
‘We must live together with our dollies’
‘I’ll go to the shops for you and leave it at your gate’
Are normal playtime sounds.
Thursday night NHS clap, bang and cheer A shared noise with neighbours far away House and outbuildings zoned into uses, Caravan becomes a school room.
For GCSE and University students to learn House study to be shared by everyone else Greenhouse erected another area
For space on your own or shared.
Vegetable patch created, dug, fertilized and planted
Time to feel the earth, calm, breath with nature. The joy of green shots, watering someone’s foot, Caring, nurturing, learning to wait.

Mum, Dad, Christian name, nickname
All acceptable, all close, all a feeling of a big family. We may be a patchwork of individuals, sewn together
Some birth related, some sibling groups, But we are strong, we are close, we are kin. Dreams still shared, history repeated Passing on of bikes, wellies and toys.
Family in jokes, imitation of expressions All become foundations for who we are. We are family, blended, patchworked, Living together 24/7,
Sharing, caring, learning and understanding, How grateful are we to just be
How lucky are we to have so much To feel safe and secure
In home and garden
With gates and door firmly closed.

Thanks to Claire for sending this in to us.

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Thinking of Fostering?

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