Clinical Supervision for Foster Carers

“I am listened to, I am heard and I am made to feel valued and appreciated. I cannot recommend this enough.”

Debbie, sent us this first hand account of here experience with our clinical supervision for foster carers.

I just wanted to share a little about the clinical supervision that I have been having for a while now through Regional Foster Families. If the same is provided to somebody else who finds it a huge support, then the time to write this is hugely worth it.

  A young person (aged 6) came into our long-term foster care in 2018, and I found myself questioning why this young person was doing some of the things she did, or didn’t do in some cases. I didn’t understand it. I started to doubt my own capabilities in being the best carer I could be. I don’t mind admitting, I was struggling. 

 Through supervision, and several other conversations, I was offered clinical supervision through Regional Foster Families. Initially this was weekly, then as time went on it reduced in frequency, however, the offer has always been there to contact the supervisor if needed in between sessions.

Understanding the behaviour

 I can’t say enough how helpful and valuable this has been. I have been able to ask my professional Clinical Supervisor questions. Questions about certain behaviours, things this young girl did and have it explained to me in such a way often I have sat and thought “oh yeah, that’s why!”. This has then enabled me to be more understanding and appreciative of certain behaviours. 

 I have also found this support really valuable for me, and I have been able to talk about what I’ve been going through personally at certain times. I’ve been made to feel ok to talk about me and to let myself off the hook sometimes.

Sitting with a cuppa for 10 minutes in my own space was not something I ever do, however, this clinical supervision has made it clear that it is unrealistic to expect me to keep giving and giving, without putting something back for me. 

 I can’t say in words how helpful this has been, to me and all of us as a whole, as the impact is felt through the family. It is a massive help to talk through things with somebody in a neutral position but who completely understands. I am listened to, I am heard and I am made to feel valued and appreciated. I cannot recommend this enough.   

Thank you to Regional Foster Families and to our Clinical Supervisor for this service. It has without doubt helped me to become the better foster carer I wanted to be.

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Thinking of Fostering?

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