Children’s Participation Forum Event in Wales

Your Rights Workshops Launched in Wales

We are pleased to announce face to face workshops are now going ahead as part of our “YOUR VOICE” project. These events will take place in each Region as promised.

The Your Voice Project focuses on helping the children we care for understand what participation is and understand why their rights are important.

We launched the project in Wales and had great fun doing an exercise on the United Nations Rights of the Child which involved some alien visitors….

We created a whole new planet in space called planet Doodar! The young people discussed the rights as children living on planet Doodar and decided which were the most important to have on the new planet. We learned what the United Nations Children’s rights are and how important it is for young people to know about them. We had a discussion on what things about life on planet Earth we wouldn’t want to replicate on Doodar, and what things they would do differently.

Tell it to the Aliens of Doodar!

The young people each chose one of the rights which was most important to them personally…. Then in walked the aliens (Liz and Amanda). The aliens asked the young people to explain their children’s right choice and why it was important to them.

More information on The Convention on the Rights of the Child here.

Liz and Amanda – Aliens of Planet Doodar

What Makes a Good Foster Parent?

We asked what the young people who attended think makes a someone a good foster parent. We drew a person on a large sheet and the participants then wrote on what they personally felt are qualities of a good foster carer. We were moved when the first quality put forward was “they love you no matter what”. This made us think about how important it is for young people to feel accepted as they are and know that even if they get things wrong they are loved and cared for.

We had a great discussion and feedback on this, the things they shared can be seen in the picture above, and it also opened up thoughts on what doesn’t make a good foster parent and who they could talk to if they were unhappy.

What did we learn?

We are so pleased that the children and young people rated the activities on average 9-10 out of 10 and said in their feedback that they feel it is very important that all children know and understand their rights.

Participants were interested in being involved in a Young Person’s Forum, being involved in the training for potential foster parents and acting as mentors for new children joining the Agency. This could be so beneficial to children to help them with any feelings of isolation and give them a sense of empathy and understanding.

In attendance on the day was our Director; Jo Catterall, who is the Responsible Individual for our agency. Jo recognises it is really important to be involved with young people’s consultations and hear what they have to say about what makes a good foster parent as well as gaining an insight in to their personal experiences.

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

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