Charity Rainbow run, Exeter

On 10th June 2017 we embarked on a new type of activity for the agency. A “Rainbow Run” for charity, where £180 was raised by us for Children’s Hospice.

A team of Staff, carers and children, all kitted out in “dabbing it” t-shirts, ran, got messy and babbed it in style!

Well done to everyone involved.

Here’s a note from Alysia one of our Placement Support Workers about her experience:IMG_1614-ANIMATION

It was amazing to be part of such a fun, happy event seeing all the children come together to face a challenge of running 3 miles cross country. They were all so happy to be part of it and eager to give it their best, which they certainly did! It was by far my best event since joining the agency. I found it a little tough being out of running for a while but one of the young people got me through by motivating me and sticking with me, she was a star!

Everyone who took part thanks for your support especially Lucy, Jo [Agency Social Workers] & the carers.

Many happy memories were made on Saturday that I will cherish for a long time 😀


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Thinking of Fostering?

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