Celebrating Foster Fathers

All the children we look after are supported to maintain links with their birth families and we recognise how important these relationships are.

Here at Regional Foster families we also like to recognise and celebrate the important role of “foster dads”. If you have ever wondered how fostering impacts on foster fathers, here are some thoughts from foster parents James, Ansar, John, Leroy, Pete and Tim. Fostering can not only change a child’s life, but yours too… and for the better!

I enjoy spending time with kids, taking them to parks, shopping malls and on leisure rides. I listen to them carefully and we play in the garden like best friends.


We have fostered a young person for over 12 years. After some incredibly difficult periods she is now working in a full time job and has turned out to be an extraordinary human being, which is very humbling. I enjoy her company immensely and she feels like she is my very own daughter.


Giving a child a chance to feel happy and safe.


I really enjoy the interactions I have with my foster son and we banter a lot. I enjoy seeing him change and develop in a positive way. I have also found it educational in as much as I have had to reflect on emotional issues which I would not normally have done.


Never really knowing what the day will hold? Will I be covered in makeup up? Or soaked to the skin with water from the bath / paddling pool?! – being a foster dad is the best thing I’ve ever done.


My wife had always wanted to foster even before we were married but it took 18 years of married life before I realised I want to foster too! From the moment we started the process we were very excited for our fostering journey to begin and although it was different to how we thought it would be it has been amazing. We had to have a break due my mother coming to live with us but sadly she has now passed away so we are ready to go again and wonder who else we can poor out our love on.


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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent and have or will have a spare room in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 08000 19 11 65 or fill in the enquiry form below.