Annual Consultation of Foster Parents, Children and Young People

In spring 2021 we carried out our annual consultation of Foster Parents, Children and Young People. We have to admit, we are rather proud of what foster carers are saying about us, and the ratings given by the children and young people.

For the annual consultation we surveyed Foster Parents, their children and the fostered children and young people living in their care.

What do foster parents say is going well at the moment?

We have good communication and good support from our Supervising Social Worker.

We are provided with a good amount of training and have have enjoyed the different ways of training being delivered to us, which helps to keep us up to date

We feel more supported and looked after by Regional Foster Families than we did with our previous fostering agencies.

Support during ‘lock down’ has been good and we felt well supported.

Staff are always very helpful and respond to our queries.

What foster children think about our foster family activities

What do our foster carers say about the Regional Manager?

The regional manager always keeps in touch and offers us good support.

Brilliant and a great support, listens and takes on board our concerns.

The Regional Manager always has our welfare first and foremost in her mind.

Caring and thoughtful of both children who are ‘looked after’ and foster families.

Always a phone call or email away and responds really quickly.

Sent out activity packs and organised craft events (virtual) over lockdown that the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

Regular updates during lockdown was very good.

Support for foster children and young people

What about the Support for their Supervising Social Workers?

My Supervising Social Worker continues to be a solid rock of support!

Support is always quick, helpful and thoughtful

They have an outstanding wealth of knowledge and advice, very supportive and isn’t afraid to challenge the local authority if needed.

My Supervising Social Worker is very supportive

Tower of strength, helped me stay positive during lockdowns

Very happy with support provided

The Out of Hours Support Service

Foster Parents comments on the office admin team

  • Always happy and respectful
  • Deals with things quickly
  • Outstanding, responsive to queries and very proactive in all areas
  • Very patient and walk us through any problems with technical issues
  • Very good, always help with any problems
  • Great communication, send reminders and always helps with queries

Training for Foster Parents

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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