A roaring time at Longleat

Carers, staff, foster children and birth children from the north area all piled in to their vehicles and headed off for the day.

We met at the gates at 10.30, looking forward to a day of watching animal behaviours. Some may say why go all the way to Longleat for that, there’s plenty of that going on at Head Office!!!! Although raining our spirits were not dampened.

What to do first? Obviously a trip round the safari park. As usual the lions were ‘lazy’, the tigers ‘timid’, the wolves ‘wolfish’, the llamas ‘languid’ and the monkeys ‘mischievous’; jumping on cars and dismantling essential items from the bodywork. Not the best place to open windows in order to get a good picture, one would think. However Stacey B was in her ‘Annie Leibovitz’ mood, not sure whether the instruction to “say cheese” was understood by the rhinos though!! All safely got through, though a head count had to be taken on exiting to ensure that we hadn’t picked up any new placements!

The train round the park was enjoyed by the younger element, though the older generation felt obliged to tell us all that they had always wanted to be ‘train driver’. Then on to Pets Corner. This gave everyone a chance to get really close to the animals. Anthony N proudly showing off his skills at handling spiders. The parrot show was brilliant with lots of antics providing plenty of laughs.

Sadly the day didn’t last long enough and at 4.00 we all set off for home, tired but happy.

Overall it was a really fantastic day and all agreed that we should do it again. Perhaps next time staff, carers and children (fostered and birth) from the south area could join in.

Boris the Brazilian Tapir

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Thinking of Fostering?
Thinking of Fostering?

Thinking About Fostering

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