River Dart Day trip Event 2016

Another great day out at River dart country park.

The park offers lots of activities for all ages…

The young people enjoyed the high ropes which took them high up in the trees, they had to jump from one obstacle to another while being strapped up to a safety harness, there was lots of cheering when they had completed this.

The giant zip wire was also a popular activity, causing lots of screaming.

The water zorbing was a popular activity with the younger children, they attempted walking on water but spent 5 minutes just trying to stand up!

The younger children also enjoyed the water activities which included a pirate ship in the middle of the lake, they could swim up to it, use water pistols and jump into the water. Most of the young people enjoyed paddling and using the other activities around the ship with one child realizing the water was a little on the cold side when they fell in!

Carers and children met for lunch around the pirate ship before going on to finish the day with more activities on the water with Kayaking, climbing on the indoor wall and more.

Great day had by all…

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Thinking of Fostering?

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